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  • Product name: EPDM Heat-Welding Rubber Waterproof Membrane
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  • Added time: 2010-12-27
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EPDM Heat-Welding Rubber Waterproof Membrane
Product Overview
Tianzhi EPDM Heat-Welding Rubber Waterproof Membrane is an elastomer with high comprehensive performance, which is made by adding thermoplastic modifier in the curing process, and spreading the carbon black in the particle size of less than two micrometers into the cured EPDM rubbers for reinforcing the polymer, which combine to give the membrane mixed properties of rubber and plastics. The membrane demonstrates thermoplastic properties at a temperature higher than 450 ℃, which facilitates the forming process. 
I. Its good weldability enables direct welding for seams between membranes, and ensures the overlapping reliability. 
II. Excellent anti-aging properties, including excellent weather resistance and ozone resistance; these properties imply that it allows for stable mechanical properties, durability and aging resistance when exposed to UV light and ozone. 
III. Its good heat and cold resistance allows for usability at a temperature between -40 ℃ and 135 ℃.
IV. The high tear strength and elongation allows for adaptability to expansion, contraction or cracking of the substrate. 
V. Excellent wear and fatigue resistance.
VI. Excellent oil, solvents and chemicals resistance
Suitable for many waterproof applications in buildings, including roofing and basements; fit waterproof applications in engineering projects, including civil and industrial roofing, basements, municipal amenities, bridges, subways, and dams, in addition to toilets, pools, balconies, and parking lots. 
Construction Requirements
I. The construction involves the Flat Space Laying, and Facade Mechanical Fastening or Full Bonding approaches, in combination with a unique hot air welding process. In applications which the building is complicated, you need to prepare a dedicated devices and tools for construction.
II. Before construction, lay the membrane onto substrates.
III. The width of the overlapping parts should be 50 mm. Hold the welder with the nozzle at a 45 ° angle to the welding direction, and keep the roller perpendicularly 5 mm away from the nozzle. Adjust the welding speed according to the membrane thickness, and keep a moderate rolling speed.
IV. Control the welding temperature at 350-400 ℃.
V. Overlap the membranes at edge to form an overlapping band of 50 mm for welding. Heat the overlapping band with the hot wind from the welder nozzles, and weld the band from the lower part when working on a pitched roof to avoid skew or irregularity. When the nozzle outlet temperature is 350-400 ℃, the waterproof membranes will melt and merge together at edge. The welding leakage rate should be no more than 1%. Meanwhile, press the band with a roller to integrate the two membranes at edge. When working on a plane, weld the membranes with an automatic welder; when working on a facade or arc, weld the membranes with a hand held gun at intervals.


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